Wellington SCADA Migration

The Wellington ADMS SCADA configuration was created during the initial system migration. The SCADA component of the ADMS system was not cut-over and the configuration was not maintained.
Synerty was contracted two years after the DMS go-live to create a new migrator for the SCADA data. This migrator needed to generate ADMS command files (PFL) to incrementally update and correct the SCADA configuration.
The migrator successfully detected the required changes and incrementally updated the ADMS SCADA configuration to bring it up to date.

The inputs to the migrator were Leads and Northrop LN2068 and a Foxboro C50 data concentrator / protocol converter.
The migrator imported both sources, mapped the CONITEL data to DNP via the C50 configuration and imported the ADMS SCADA database for comparison.
The outputs of the migrator were ADMS PFL that will correct the existing SCADA configurationĀ and a simSCADA database.
To find out more about Synertys data migration capabilities, please contact us.


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