Evergreen Upgrades

6 Monthly Automated Evergreen ADMS Upgrades

After the initial automation uplift of the utilities ADMS environments, Synerty will maintain an evergreen environment on-site at the utility that runs the latest ADMS software.

This continually upgraded environment will reduce the cost of, and increase the frequency of the utilities ADMS upgrades. The cost of the upgrade is reduced by incrementally upgrading and maintaining the Attune build procedures, and a significantly shortening upgrade project.

The continually upgraded environment will allow the utilities to test the latest ADMS release, and potentially provide feedback the vendor The utilities can choose any evergreen upgrade to roll out to their other environments, including the production environment.

In addition to Evergreen Upgrades, Synerty provides automated user acceptance testing products and services allowing the utility to automate user testing. This will significantly reduce the cost of the utilities upgrade projects.

Synerty will update the evergreen environment will be updated every 6 months, with the following process.


Shorter Upgrade Projects

Shorter upgrade projects

Cheaper Upgrade Projects

Cheaper upgrade projects

Preview ADMS Releases

Preview ADMS releases

Maintain Automation Capabilities

Maintain automation capabilities.

Software Versions

Synerty will update and maintain a strict list of top level compatible software versions to be deployed in the evergreen environment.

Software Gathering

Synerty will gather the latest latest releases of the required software such as windows, linux, oracle, ADMS and Synerty’s Peek and Attune.

Rebuild Environment

Synerty will use the updated procedures to rebuild the entire Evergreen ADMS environment.

Attune Procedure Updates

Attune Procedure Updates

Synerty will update and maintain the Attune server build procedures to build servers using the latest software versions.

Synerty will update all Attune procedures with best practices, security improvements, lessons learnt and any new configuration changes from the utility.

Debug Upgrade Scripts

Debug Upgrade Scripts

Synerty will update all data migration and upgrade procedures and debug any issues. These fixes will be accumulated after each upgrade period, and reset back to baseline when the utility switches to an upgraded version.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

Synerty will perform integration testing of the upgraded environment to ensure that the environment is up, running and configured correctly. This will not extend to the depths covered by the utilities functional test cases. The results of this integration testing will be included in the “Upgrade Report”.

Upgrade Report

Upgrade Report

Synerty will prepare and deliver an upgrade report to the utilities at the end of each upgrade of the Evergreen ADMS environment.

This report will contain the software versions, issues encountered, and a summary of the new software features from vendor FUNs and Synerty’s releases that are now in the evergreen environment.

Attune Procedure Backup

Synerty will export all of the Attune procedures, and Attune plan HTML documentation from the evergreen environment onto the utilities network drive, for safe keeping.

Synerty expects that the cost of these upgrades will decrease in future as we further optimise the process, leverage work from other utilities and further develop the Attune product support for merging and maintaining procedures.

Synerty will archive the entire Attune virtual machine after each round of the upgrade. This will allow the utility to restore the VM at a later date if they want to begin upgrading prod, dev and test environments to a version older than the latest Evergreen environment version.

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