Transformation Of Operational Technology

Uniquely Different ADMS Upgrades

In 2011 we set out on a mission to take the slow, infrequent, expensive, error prone, undocumented, and artisan ADMS infrastructure builds, and, well, making it the entire opposite of that.

Our mission to easily build ADMS infrastructure, and feedback from Utilities, led us to develop Attune. The software that powers our utility customised, simple, yet powerful ADMS infrastructure automation. In 2020 Attune grew into its own startup, AttuneOps.

Along the way we developed Peek, to solve more utility pain points. An enterprise extensible platform to help field crews work with outages and orders, and everyone to view the ADMS diagram live, or completely offline, on desktops, tablets, phones and even wallboard displays.


Evergreen ADMS

Evergreen ADMS is a Synerty service to periodically rebuild an ADMS environment next to the utilities DEV ADMS environment. The Evergreen environment is always running the latest version on PowerOn ADMS.

Evergreen ADMS incorporates over a decade of Synerty’s experience building and upgrading ADMS environments for utilities across Australia and Internationally.

Evergreen ADMS is powered by Attune. The Attune software is infrastructure automation that doesn’t require automation specialists to use, making it perfect for Operational Technology support teams.

Synerty’s automation for Evergreen ADMS environments builds the complete ADMS stack with full automation. This includes, Windows, Linux, Oracle, Installing ADMS, restoring databases, configuring all Utility specific customisations and finally starting the ADMS environment.

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Synerty Peek ADMS Diagram

View the live state of your utilities distribution network, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Peek ADMS Diagram runs online, or offline, on tablets, phones, desktops, Windows, Linux and macOS.

With advanced features including tracing, alarms and events, PDF exports, OpenStreetMaps, search, open from URL, progressive web apps, Azure proxies, and job viewer, Peek ADMS Diagram provides modern HTML5 based technologies.

Peek ADMS diagram supports caching the search, trace, equipment details and diagrams 100% offline for viewing the network in dead spots or slow network areas.

Synerty’s Peek ADMS diagram runs on Synerty’s open source Peek enterprise pluggable platform, providing utilities with options to extend and integrate.

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Synerty Peek Field Switching

Digitally enable your field crews to Communicate with the control room and other business systems in real time with Peek Field Switching.

Peek Field Switching is fast, efficient, and easily deployed in Peeks native apps to staff or as progressive web apps to contractors via Azure proxies.

Peek Field Switching works offline in dead spots, storing and forwarding field engineer actions when the device is online.

Synerty’s Peek Field Switching runs on Synerty’s open source Peek enterprise pluggable platform.

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Utility Develops

Synerty Peek Field Incidents

Dispatch incidents from ADMS, or create field assessments for work management systems. Peek Field Incidents digitally enables your field crews.

As with Peek Field Switching, Peek Field Incidents is fast, efficient, and easily deployed to company managed or contractor devices alike.

Locate equipment in the real world from the incident to Peeks OpenStreetMap viewer, take photos, log damaged items for the works management system, and hand back the incident for trucks to roll.

Synerty’s Peek Field Incidents and Peek Field Assessments runs on Synerty’s open source Peek enterprise pluggable platform.

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