Peek Alarms/Events

Peek Alarms/Events Viewer

Peek Alarms/Events Viewer uses an internal Peek data store to store all alarms and events, and continuously ingests new alarms and events from the ADMS.

Live Alarms

Watch new alarms show up in Peek in real time as they are generated in the ADMS.

Filter Events

Find alarms and events by filtering them with time ranges, properties, substations, alarm classes, equipment IDs and moreā€¦

Download as CSV

Filter for and download any range of alarms and events to a CSV for further analysis and reporting in Excel.

Alarms and Events Data Lake

Peek Alarms and Events viewer is an ADMS alarm and event data lake. Alarms and events are retained in Peek after archiving them from the ADMS servers.

Queryable Backend

Peek stores ingested alarms and events in an open format, allowing business integrations to directly query the database if required.

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