Peek Diagram Markups

Peek Diagram Markups

Easily markup network changes by temporarily editing theĀ Peek ADMS diagram, downloading an image of the mockup and including it with any network access requests.

Peek can take this one step further by directly submitting the network access request to the control room with ZepBen EDNAR.

Peek GIS Diagram
Web Or App

Copy and Paste

Quickly markup the network with new equipment by copying and pasting existing equipment.

Add Text

Add notes to your markup by dropping new text on the diagram.

No Limits
Go Offline

Add Arrows

Make your changes stand out with arrows pointing to affected equipment.

Add Markup Boundaries

Draw polygons, polylines, or ellipses around markup areas to highlight the boundaries.

Highly Compressed Grids

Place Equipment

Place new equipment onto the diagram by selecting its type from the symbol pallet. These symbols are imported from the ADMS.

Place Conductors

Place new conductors from the conductor pallet with the correct colour and type. These conductor types are imported from the ADMS.


Live Edits

Watch others edit the network in real time with collaborative editing.

Edit Viewer

View multiple edits on the one network diagram simultaneously.

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