Field Incidents

Mobile Incidents

The Peek Field Incidents plugin provides digital mobility for outage management incidents to the field crews. Incidents are dispatched to field crews, updated by field crews with ETAs and ETRs then completed via the Peek Mobile devices.

Field Data Capture

As field crews work on incidents, they can log critical information against the incident using Peek mobile devices, this includes photos as well as comments.

Fault Reporting

Fault reports can be updated in the field with emergency services incident numbers, third party details and other comments, streamlining the fault reporting process.

Empowering Information

Peek Field Incidents provides additional information to field crews with a current premise historical list of calls and incidents. Peeks pluggable design supports enhancements to present field crews with even more data.

Offline Support

Peek Field Incidents syncs dispatched incidents while online and stores field crew actions for later delivery while offline. Providing the most practical offline support that works.

Back Office Integrations

The Peek desktop web app provides an office view to to the incidents, displaying comments, photos, incident details, in addition to a RESTful API.

Damage Assessments

Capture even more data with the Peek Field Assessments plugin, allowing an inventory of damaged items to be recorded against incidents, along with descriptions and photos.

Damage assessments can be viewed in the Peek desktop web app, and accessible via RESTful APIs.