Peek ADMS Diagram

Real Time Or Offline

Real Time or Offline

The Peek ADMS Diagram updates in realtime as the network and telemetry changes when the browser or device is online. Alternatively, install the Peek native mobile app to take the full diagram offline with you.

Mobile Friendly

The Peek ADMS Diagram plugin is mobile friendly, with no ActiveX or installation required. It is entirely HTML5, runs out of the box in any modern browser, and it’s designed for touch.

Mobile Incidents
Zepben EDNAR Integration

Zepben EDNAR Integration

Peek ADMS Diagram integrates with Zepben EDNAR (Network Access Register) for full cradle-to-grave support of planned work using your ADMS diagram.

  • Integrated with the ADMS and CRM to provide an end to end solution for planned work
  • Provides Audit trail and extensive performance reporting for all planned work.


Peek Data Model Synchronisation

Peek ADMS Diagram feature contains its own open source data models. The diagram and most features are usable when completely isolated from the ADMS. Peek runs multiple loaders to synchronise the Peek data models with the ADMS live network state in real-time.

Search then Position

Search for equipment by name, alias, or other properties. Then position on them within the network diagram.

Run Traces

Run traces based on the ADMS connectivity model. These trace configurations are imported from the ADMS.

Export to PDF

Export the Peek ADMS Diagram to PDF. You can select to export either a traced part of the network or export the current viewable area.

Toggle Feeder Colours

Toggle between conductor colour by voltage or the conductor colour by feeder.

Toggle Light Mode

Switch between standard dark ADMS diagram mode and light mode with a white background.

Server Heavy and Device Fast

The Peek Diagram architecture crunches all the data server side, providing ready to go, highly compressed display grids for the desktop and mobile devices. Leaving a lite workload and a fast diagram on the mobile and desktop devices.

Equipment And Premises

Normal / Current State

Switch between network normal and current states.


Create custom integrations with the network diagram.

  • Load additional dynamic overlays
  • Add custom equipment details
  • Add custom toolbar menu items
  • Add custom equipment menu items

For example, create a plugin to dynamically show field crew next to equipment on the ADMS Diagram when their in the vicinity.

Diagram Integrations

Peek GIS Diagram Available

A GIS diagram is also available via the Peek architecture. Contact us for more details.

Peek GIS Diagram

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