DMS Diagram

Mobile Friendly

The Peek DMS Diagram plugin is mobile friendly, with no ActiveX or installation required, it’s entirely HTML5, runs out of the box in any modern browser and it’s designed for touch.

Real Time or Offline

The Peek DMS Diagram updates in realtime as the network and telemetry changes when the browser or device is online. Alternatively, install the Peek native mobile app to take the full diagram offline with you.

Server Heavy and Device Fast

The Peek Diagram architecture crunches all the data server side, providing ready to go, highly compressed display grids for the desktop and mobile devices. Leaving a lite workload and a fast diagram on the mobile and desktop devices.


Create custom integrations with the network diagram.

  • Load additional dynamic overlays
  • Add custom equipment details
  • Add custom toolbar menu items
  • Add custom equipment menu items

For example, create a plugin to dynamically show field crew next to equipment on the DMS Diagram when their in the vicinity.

Peek GIS Diagram Available

A GIS diagram is also available via the Peek architecture. Contact us for more details.