Switching Jobs

The Peek Field Switching plugin provides digital mobility, for field crews performing switching on the power network. Network controllers can dispatch jobs, instruct operations and issue permits. Field crews can accept jobs, view operations and permits, field confirm operations and complete jobs.

Customisable Screens

Peek Field Switching is built with customisation in mind. All Peek screens can be customised with additional information, ensuring field crews can view jobs and permits with all the information required based on the business network operational requirements.

Diagram Integrations

Peek Field Switching integrates with the Peek DMS Diagram and Peek GIS Diagram. “Locate” buttons on job and permit screens allow field crews to locate equipment on a live DMS Diagram, or a GIS Diagram.

Offline Support

Peek Field Switching synchronizes switching jobs while Peek devices are online, and stores field crews actions for later delivery while the device is offline. Providing the most practical offline support that works.

Unified Inbox

The Peek Unified Inbox streamlines navigation and task management, with an inbox and a recent activities list. Field crews have a unified list of items requiring their attention or action. Items such as dispatched jobs, instructed operations, field incidents and unread messages.