WEL Networks ADMS 5.1.4 Upgrade

WEL Networks has engaged Synerty to perform the system integration work for their ADMS 5.1.4 upgrade project.
Synerty has built the entire production environment in a high performance desktop that has 64gb of ram, 1TB of SSD drives, an i7 hex core processor and runs vmware. There are 13 windows and linux virtual servers that make up the production environment.
The high performance desktop had a partial environment built on it with exception of the ADMS software. The hardware is then sent to WEL Networks where we complete the environment build.
Upgrading SCADA and DMS software versions are often long and expensive projects that can’t be avoided for too long. Synerty is here to help, we’ve expanded and refined our automated system integration software throughout this project.
Synerty’s system integration software is part of our SynNOVA product, SynNOVA was used during this project to install and upgrade the application servers and restore and upgrade data sets.
Synerty will work with WEL Networks to perform the installation and cutover of the new production environment once SAT has completed.
It`s always exciting when we get to work with WEL Networks, Thank you WEL Networks.
To find out more about the services Synerty can offer to your next SCADA or DMS project, please contact us.


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