Orions ADMS v5.2 Upgrade

Synerty received an engagement from Orion to build their upgraded v5.2 ADMS environments from bare metal. During this project we have, built environments, collaborated with Orion, debugged issues with the vendors latest software, suggested integration improvements and leveraged our own SynNOVA software.
Orion New Zealand Limited owns and operates one of the largest electricity distribution networks in New Zealand, their network covers 8,000 square kilometers across central Canterbury. www.oriongroup.co.nz
Synerty has built and delivered a demo and development environment with the testing environment being built onsite in september.
We believe in open collaboration within the projects we work on. Our efforts to achieve this collaboration include giving the client full rights to modify an issue/task in their project and the liberal use of issue/task observers. This proves to encourage collaboration and at times provide a context of discussions that would otherwise be misplaced in emails.
Synerty dispatched one of our SynNEBULA platforms to Orion’s site to allow us to begin building the environments. SynNEBULA is a powerful desktop combined with Synerty services to provided turn key environments for clients. We can perform our work with out any other systems or dependencies, except for VPN of course.
The demo environment is a fully virtualized, two server environment consisting of an apps+db server and a FEP+simSCADA server with some virtual clients. This environment was rapidly built and deployed with Orion’s dataset to help identify potential issues very early in the project. It served its purpose and proved beneficial.



Orion is undertaking a configuration effort to implement new features that will be available at go-live. To manage these changes, Orion purchased SynNOVA-Repo, Synerty’s dataset configuration change management software for ADMS, to manage the configuration changes during the development phase of the project. Repo will automatically merge in these changes to the latest dataset during the cutover.


Synertys SynNOVA-Dataset is again an important part of the cutover plan. It provides an automated dataset load and upgrade that we can repeat at will. This allows us to integrate fixes into SynNOVA-Dataset and rerun it. With this we can ensure the consistency and quality of the upgrade procedure during cutover whilst dramatically reducing human error.


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