Ausnet Services Architect Consulting

Synerty was contracted by Ausnet Services to support a new ADMS implementation project. Synerty provided a senior DMS/SCADA architect and a DMS integration engineer.

Synerty provided the following services during this project:

  • Implement and advise symbol/component designs.
  • Investigate and present solutions for various configuration requirements.
  • Develop web interface to present summaries of the symbol / menu / component / life cycle and action configuration for validation.
  • On the job training in ADMS monitoring, best practices, communication and teamwork within the system administrators who will support ADMS.
  • Implement ADMS side of DFA integration. DFA is a distribution feeder automation application developed by Ausnet Services that runs in the legacy SCADA system. Integration was required to allow controllers to control and manage DFA from within ADMS.
  • SCADA point to point testing strategies that covered all tests normally performed for SCADA system projects and the use of SynTEST.
  • NMS network connectivity validation strategies that validated the connectivity of the final migrated data.

To find out more about Synerty`s SCADA and DMS project capabilities, please contact us.


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