WEL Networks ADMS Security Upgrade

Synerty was awarded the contract to upgrade WEL Networks ADMS production and dev environments to v5.2.2.9, with the following major items :

  1. Upgrade to RHEL6
  2. Upgrade to Oracle 12c
  3. Upgrade to MS Reporting Services 2016
  4. Implement active directory for security

This involved:

  • Rebuilding the core ADMS servers with Synerty Attune
  • Building Active Directory servers, and integrating all windows and Linux servers for central authentication.
  • Perform an automated cutover with Attune

The Linux AD integration, core server rebuild and cutover were all completed using Synerty’s Attune product.
This is the sixth upgrade project that Attune has successfully completed, proving it to be a robust and streamlined approach to upgrade projects.


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