SynNEBULA has the benefits of being a high performance, low cost and fully isolated DMS environment.

SynNEBULA is the ultimate DMS sandbox, it has two great uses, projects and support.

For projects, having your project environments within a managed server environment can be a bottle neck for changes and administration. Great IT departments have great change control, this reduces the risk of breaking live environments and this is great. This is in contrast to what a project requires however, projects are created to make changes. SynNEBULA provides projects with freedom to effectively progress.

For support, having full control of your own isolated environment saves time and produces better quality development. You are free to make and test changes, restart environments, reload datasets and revert to snapshots all with out the chance of interfering with someone else or having to wait your turn.

The downside is that you have to manage your own environment, SynNOVA helps with that. We are continually building on our SynNOVA software that simplifies ADMS administration and configuration tasks. We deploy a version of SynNOVA with each SynNEBULA.

We deliver at least one SynNEBULA with each DMS integration project. We need to ensure that things just work when we deliver to our customers. With SynNEBULA, we’re able to deliver the whole environment virtualized that runs out of the box.

Our goal is to make SynNEBULA so simple that enterprise customers can reduce their administration effort while providing developers and testers with individual ADMS environments.

ADMS is a product of a third party vendor. Synerty is not affiliated with the vendor. Synerty remotely installs the clients ADMS software onto SynNEBULA once the client has powered it up.