Transformation Of Operational Technology

Synerty’s Mission

Helping distribution utilities through digital transformation of Operational Technology

Synerty is a reimagined modern provider of Operational Technology solutions for distribution utilities. We specialise on all aspects of distribution grid operations and Operational Technology, including SCADA, DMS and OMS.

Synerty Specialist Teams

Synerty provides a full stack of specialists Operational Technology delivery teams that work interdependently to deliver the best solutions that exceed our clients needs.


Application Specialists

Application Specialists

Synerty’s team of software developers focus on Operational Technology productised and bespoke software solutions. They’re responsible for:

  • Gathering detailed requirements for solutions
  • Creating software architecture designs.
  • Developing new software solutions or enhancing existing products (Synerty Peek)
  • Developing bespoke scripts and solutions to streamline manual or repetitive tasks from other Synerty Teams.
  • Creation and support of DevOps Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Automated Builds and Testing.
  • Bug fixes and 24/7 support of mission critical Operational Technology software

Our software developers provide Synerty with the ability to go above and beyond off the shelf products and close the utilities last 5% requirements gap.

Infrastructure Specialists

Synerty’s team of change managers help people engage with, and adopt the changes from Operational Technology digital transformation.

Their specialties are:

  • Developing an end to end change management plan,
  • Creating and executing a communication plan, including identifying who is impacted and creating awareness of the need for change
  • Engaging impacted personnel for input into the change, create buy-in, and identify resistance
  • Working with Business Analysts to formalise the processes
  • Working with Synerty Application Specialists to create and provide role specific training
  • Create and execute success metric plans that baseline initial metrics, and measure the change effectiveness.

Synerty’s change managers ensure that all the work completed by delivery teams is fully utilised by utilities and ensure safety processes are effectively implemented.

Infrastructure Specialists
Software Developers

Software Developers

Synerty’s team of project managers understand the priorities of Operational Systems (OT) vs Information Systems (IT) and manage projects to effectively deliver safety over speed. Their specialties are:

  • Creating detailed project execution plans that drive commercial proposals.
  • Providing clear communication, status updates and engagement with clients.
  • Ensuring project deliverables are being delivered to a high standard.
  • Prepare to execute on the project plan, planning resources and tracking progress.
  • Ensuring all dependencies and roadblocks are sorted as delivery continues.
  • Deliver projects using agile methodologies with full knowledge capture and detailed task tracking.
  • Manage project commercials.

Synerty’s project managers ensure that clients are engaged and deal internally with Synerty’s teams to ensure the right resource is working on the right problems.

Why Choose Synerty

These are Synerty Foundations

Synerty is built from the ground up to be a new bread of service provider, we deliver solutions, not time. Here are some of the unique reasons you should choose Synerty for your next Operational Technology services delivery.

North Star Values

North Star Values

Synerty’s north star values guide our teams in their decision making include Do it Once, Continuous Improvement and Measure Performance, Not Time. These values drive Synerty to continuously improve, automate, knowledge capture and be effective.

Fully Task Centric

Fully Task Centric

Synerty is a full task centric business. Synerty’s projects, including internal initiatives are planned for delivery, with tasks for all work completed that describe the work being done. Timesheets are logged in 15 minute increments and logged as work is performed.

Knowledge Capture

Knowledge Capture

Inline with Synerty’s Do It Once value, knowledge capture is apart of all tasks at Synerty. As all work at Synerty has a specific task, Synerty’s delivery team comments on each task as work is performed. This knowledge contains all investigation, debugging, changes and solutions. Synerty then develops more formal knowledge base documentation as required and most importantly shares all this information with our clients.

Software Development Comparison

Utilities often engage service providers to create bespoke software to integrate Operational Technology with corporate information systems.

Synerty can provide full turn key services in this area as we have the expertise to not only develop the software, but fully understand the use case, configure the ADMS and use the ADMS to trigger events and verify results.

Synerty ExpertsCapabilitySoftware Experts
Software Development
Understanding the software use case
Ability to configure ADMS for integration
Perform end to end testing against ADMS

Outsourced Patching Comparison

Smaller utilities may choose to outsource system patching to a solution provider, this can be for Linux, ADMS, Oracle or other systems they may not have the time or skill set for.

Synerty’s infrastructure team performs patching of systems on a regular bases. With our domain experts, such as our business analyst team and application specialists Synerty performs the full patch process in coordination with client approvals and gates.

Synerty ExpertsCapabilitySoftware Experts
Infrastructure Patching
Understanding the effects of an outage and who to notify
Ability to stop and start the ADMS while inspecting logs
Perform basic testing of patches systems

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