Top Energy have signed up with GE to install a PowerOn Advantage ADMS.

Top Energy have purchased Attune licenses to go with their new system. Attune will help Top Energy during the project with scheduled application level backups and one click dev environment data restores.

Synerty has made all of our Attune Procedures for PowerOn Advantage available and free with purchases of Attune, including the dataset restore and all production maintenance scheduled tasks.

Synerty’s reseller, PSC have provided training and setup of all procedures, ready to go for Top Energy.

Attune helps Top Energy gain knowledge and reduce the cost of supporting their PowerOn Advantage system.

Horizon Power in Western Australia have purchased the Peek DMS Diagram, as complete modern replacement for GEs HV Webview product.

Peek DMS Diagram is completely HTML5, does not require ActiveX or Internet Explorer and runs on most desktop and mobile browsers.

The DMS diagram supports live and online, or fully offline usage via native mobile apps, as well as support for integrations to overlay data in addition to the GE diagram.

Horizon Power will take delivery of Synerty’s newly developed edit support for the HTML5 DMS Diagram.

This edit support will be used by Horizon Power as part of their Network Access Request process. Requesters will use Peek to mockup the diagram, dropping on new symbols, redlining the diagram and even changing conductor connections.

Orion in New Zealand have purchased Attune licenses to help automate support of their PowerOn Fusion system.

Orion use Attune to refresh their test and dev environments with the latest datacut from production, fully automated with a single click.

Orion have successfully used Attune to perform their PowerOn Fusion minor upgrades where Attune has loaded the dataset, upgraded it and applied all the lates Orion configuration changes.

WEL Networks NZ have purchased Attune licenses for each of their prod, pre-prod and dev environments.

WEL Networks have taken full advantage of Attune, which manages all of their production environments linux and windows scheduled tasks from a single system.

Attunes scheduled tasks range from running the nightly PowerOn Advantage application level backup, to cleaning out logs, and even updating high availability server settings.

Anyone in WEL Networks support team can refresh their dev environment in the time it takes them to get a cup of tea, simple, effortless, reliable.

Synerty has used Attune to build all of WEL Networks PowerOn Advantage servers from start to end, and perform highly automated cutovers since 2014.

Peek has a distributed service architecture, as more users use Peek, the load increases on the “Client” service. Multiple “Client” services can be started to distribute the load and scale up.

Aurora Energy Limited, located in Dunedin, NZ, have chosen the GE PowerOn Fusion DMS to replace their existing Foxboro and Abbey SCADA systems. Synerty contributed to this project by providing five different resources across the project to complete the following tasks.

SCADA Cutover

Synerty was assigned the task of planning and executing the SCADA cutover. The cutover was successfully completed over a two day period, with out issue.

SCADA Validation

Synerty performed a validation of the migrated SCADA configuration using our SynTEST software. This required a significant effort, however, SynTEST streamlines SCADA validation with it’s semi automated approach, data capture, and test runs.

Network Model Validation

Synerty performed a digital validation of the migrated electricity network connectivity model using our SynMODEL solution. This was a significant effort that ensured the safety logic and behaviour was correct when the network controllers performed switching.
SynMODEL imported feeder diagrams in Autocad format, automatically extracted the network model then compared this with the model in PowerOn Fusion. The detected errors were then passed to the migration team for fixing.

Comms Commissioning

With the Aurora comms techs, Synerty debugged the CONITEL comms at low level, and ensured that all the RTUs would talk to PowerOn Fusion when cutover day came.


Synerty was assigned several configuration tasks, including:

  1. Safety document and work package header design
  2. Business intelligence report design

Synerty has won the contract to provide Orion with the next generation of mobile solutions for switching and outage management.
Orions requirements were as follows:

Synerty’s Peek product was a perfect fit. We developed the Peek Platform as an open source, enterprise pluggable platform, allowing utilities to download it, install it and build plugins for it (See our documentation
Synerty delivered the Peek solution to Orion with the following plugins :

  1. Peek DMS Diagram
  2. Peek GIS Diagram
  3. Peek Field Switching
  4. Peek Field Incidents
  5. Peek Field Assessments
  6. and Peek Instant Messaging


CitiPower Powercor have implemented a new load management system that provides “Selective Load Management” SLM.
Rather than turning off complete suburbs, including traffic lights and train crossing lights, SLM sets load limits for smart meters, if a smart meter is using more than this limit, then it turns the power off. This provides benefits to the community by minimising the interruptions.
CitiPower Powercor developed the SLM backend internally and engaged Synerty integrate the backend with PowerOn Fusion for the operators.
Synerty used the “Permits” object in PowerOn Fusion as a way for the controllers to start a SLM event, set the load to drop, and complete the SLM event. “Permits” are typically used for safety documents and operational documents.
Synerty then developed perl code to interface with PowerOn Fusion and the SLM backend.

Synerty was awarded the contract to upgrade WEL Networks PowerOn Fusion production and dev environments to v5.2.2.9, with the following major items :

  1. Upgrade to RHEL6
  2. Upgrade to Oracle 12c
  3. Upgrade to MS Reporting Services 2016
  4. Implement active directory for security

This involved:

The Linux AD integration, core server rebuild and cutover were all completed using Synerty’s Attune product.
This is the sixth upgrade project that Attune has successfully completed, proving it to be a robust and streamlined approach to upgrade projects.

Synerty’s Attune product is changing the landscape of PowerOn Fusion upgrade projects.
With Attune, we can build servers quickly and consistently, incorporating all of the lessons learnt from previous projects by default.
Attune runs the same commands a consultant would run, wrapped in features designed specifically for server builds and maintenance.
Attune is used to :

  1. Build the PowerOn Fusion / PowerOn Advantage servers.
  2. Perform the cutover from the old system to the new system.
  3. Centralise scheduled tasks across all the servers once they’re in production.
  4. Automating non-production data refreshes from production backups.
  5. Centralising script knowledge for support staff.

Checkout Attune at