Simple Automation

Attune is the simplest way to automate repetitive tasks.

Built in Scheduler

A built in, scheduler allows central management of scheduled tasks from one location.

No longer will scripts have to be copied out to each server and scheduled individually.

Cross Platform

Attune’s automation runs scripts and deploy files to both windows and linux environments.

Centralised Archives

Attune supports storing, maintaining and deploying archives as part of it’s automation.

Archives can be installers, configuration files, data or any other files.

Archives + Scripts provides a well-rounded solution.

Secured Self Help

Allow users to complete their own tasks. Simply setup a job, and publish it on the users dashboard.

Users can run job at their own leisure, reducing load on project provisioning teams.

Documented Procedures

Build complex Attune procedures by chaining many simple scripts together.

Procedures can be exported to file, then imported to other Attune instances.

Procedures can be exported as documentation, which can be shared, or used for Quality Assured planning.

Reusable Procedures

Attune has variables, used to create reusable procedures.

Variables take the place of servers, strings, passwords, usernames and more.

Reusable procedures reduces time and effort, and improve quality assurance.