Turnkey Services

Synerty GEADMS Services

Synerty has the skills and experience to complete any part or all of a GEADMS implementation project. We have contributed to GEADMS projects at Aurora Energy, WEL Networks, Orion, Wellington Electricity, Citi Power / Powercor, SP-Ausnet, United Energy and Energex since incorporating in 2009.

How we can help!

This typical project breakdown outlines our expertise, Choose Synerty for the areas you need.

GE ADMS Environment

GE ADMS Environment support services to assist utilities in gaining and retaining the niche skills and expertise required for routine maintenance and support of their ADMS.

Shared Embedded Teams

To perform GEADMS support, control room technical support, GEADMS Configuration, SCADA Configuration, GEADMS Cartography, and SCADA Commissioning. Sharing our knowledge base with our embedded teams.

Oracle RDBMS

Synerty’s expertise in building and support the GE ADMS include Oracle DBA skills to install the Oracle RDBMS, load databases, performance tune, and patch it.

Periodic Patching

Regular patching of GE ADMS environments including:

  • Windows servers from the utilities WSUS server
  • Windows clients from the utilities WSUS server
  • Linux servers from the utilities local RPM mirror
  • Oracle databases
  • Ancillary security patches (Attune, Gitlab, etc)
  • Any patches from any vendors that need to be applied immediately (security patching)

24/7 On-Call

24/7 on-call services via phone, instant message, screen sharing and support tickets based on the clients requirements. Support issues are logged and tracked via Synerty’s service desk ticketing system to ensure all knowledge is captured.

The Utility, Synerty and The Vendor

A DMS implementation project has vendor and utility responsibilities, the utility determines the scope of responsibilities with the vendor. Once the vendor/utility tasks are established, the utility engages Synerty to supplement their internal teams manpower.