Smart Meter Analytic Storage

SynSMASS has been designed to meet and exceed requirements for a smart meter data solution. SynSMASS leverages proven open source big data technologies and has been designed specifically to solve the smart meter data problem.
SynSMASS stores smart meter data and presents the user with results from on demand analytics.
SynSMASS’s architecture supports IT best practices for high availability and storage redundancy.

Accessing The Data

A web based trending tool which provides ad-hoc trends and access to the results in tabular format.
Via the business intelligence reporting system where reports are configured once and generated many times.
Via an XML over HTTP API that is supported by all modern programming languages.


SynSMASS is an implementation of cluster based architecture. The performance, capacity and redundancy of the SynSMASS cluster increases linearly as nodes are added. The cluster can be hosted internally or provided as a service by Synerty.
The SynSMASS cluster is composed of several services. Core services are storage, analytics and NISM that are responsible for storing the smart meter data, processing analytics and node self management respectively. Additional UI, BIRT and loader services also run on every node. These services are always in stand by waiting for work from users or integrations.
Any maintenance of the cluster such as adding and removing nodes can be completed with the cluster online and processing data. There is no central server required for the cluster to run, the cluster can tolerate a complete failure of multiple nodes and users or integrations can gain access to the cluster by connecting to any node.
The SynSMASS cluster supports data center aware replication for redundancy and ensures the system is operational even if a whole data center goes down.