Leveraging Attune for PowerOn Fusion Attune is production and reducing support time, cost and complexity in managing PowerOn Fusion environments for several utilities. Herein outlines how.
PowerOn Fusion Configuration Version Control
Synerty is developing an entry level SCADA HMI that is well suited to mobile devices and web browsers.
Smart Meter Analytic Storage Synerty presents SynSMASS, a cost effective approach to smart meter analytics and storage that will out perform a traditional relational database or historian
SynNEBULA is a blend of hardware, software and services that provides our clients with PowerOn Fusion environments running their dataset that work literally out of the box.
SynNETMODEL compares electricity distribution connectivity models from multiple data sources. SynNETMODEL can import from Intergraph GIS, GE’s PowerOn Fusion, GE’s PowerOn Classic and GE’s NMS inFusion.