Dedicated PowerOn Fusion Solutions

Synerty has been operating since April 2009 and has supplied solutions for PowerOn Fusion projects at Aurora Energy, WEL Networks, Orion, Wellington Electricity, Citi Power / Powercor, SP-Ausnet, United Energy and Energex.Synerty supports the PowerOn Fusion community by creating and maintaining, An online collaboration and knowledge base restricted to utilities that have PowerOn Fusion.

Synerty has an open knowledge policy

Synerty ensures that the client has visibility of all the technical details, tips and tricks of the work Synerty completes.
The open knowledge policy is further facilitated through the use of Synerty’s Attune product. Most of the work Synerty completes is done with Attune. Using Attune ensure that the client retains the knowledge and allows the development of repeatable automated procedures. Attune is purchasable from Synerty.
Synerty maintains excellent collaboration with clients. The majority of the collaboration and knowledge capture is achieved via our issue tracking and document collaboration systems (Atlassian JIRA and Confluence). Where appropriate Synerty will use email, instant message and phone calls.

Product Design

Synerty develops products designed to meet the needs of working with PowerOn Fusion. More notably, this includes Repo and Attune.

Repo version controls the configuration changes and Attune automates dataset load and environment integration tasks.

Attune is production and reducing support time, cost and complexity in managing PowerOn Fusion environments for several utilities. Herein outlines how.

Support Levels