Leveraging Attune for PowerOn Fusion

Attune is production and reducing support time, cost and complexity in managing PowerOn Fusion environments for several utilities.
Herein outlines how.

Centralise Schedules

Attunes built in scheduler centralises schedule management across multiple server xenvironments. Attunes
architecture eliminates the need to maintain identical scrips on multiple server.Used for dataset backups, event/histan archiving, TCS customer update, fast index and more.

Electrify PowerOn Fusion Upgrades

Attune has successfully been used for PowerOn Fusion upgrade cutovers where it took the old system datacut, restored it to the new servers in parallel, performed the GE upgrade steps and applied utility specific customisations and fixes.

Streamline Dev Dataset Refreshes

Attune has empowered support teams by streamlining the dataset upgrade work load. Any team member can kick off a dataset refresh, have lunch and start working with the latest data when they get back.

Significant benefits include

Reduced time/cost from frequently manually upgrading / refreshing multiple servers

Attune procedures are easily configured, debugged and highly repeatable, enabling a new level of quality control.

Reduced cutover outage time with faster
automated and parallel executions.

Dashboard, the selfhelp portal

The Attune dashboard provides non-privileged user access to run procedures such as start/stop enmac or perform a dataset refresh from the latest production backup.
Users can only see the dashboard and run permitted procedures with a single click, providing an opportunity to restrict server access and credential sharing even further.
The dashboard is best suited for providing test/dev environments for other business teams, giving them the ability to refresh their own environments on demand.

Quality Assure Patching

Procedures are created in Attune to apply Oracle and Linux patches. These procedures are developed and tested against dev environments, then exported into an archive which includes all the patch files.

This one file that contains the patch files and the procedure to apply them can then be dropped into another Attune server and applied to another environment.

Rebuild Servers

Synerty has developed Attune procedures to build

  • App,
  • DB
  • and Web PowerOn Fusion servers

from fresh operating systems.Significant benefits include, consistency, speed and knowledge capture.

Centralise Knowledge and Data

Using Attune inherently captures and centralises your support teams knowledge and and dependent archives required to perform a server side task. Once configured, every team member gains the ability to run a procedure quickly and proficiently.

What is Attune?

Attune is a fully configurable procedure automation and knowledge capture system. A procedure is a list of steps to perform, such as deploy an archive, or run a script. Procedures have placeholders that make them reusable.One procedure can be executed on multiple servers with out change. Attune procedures can be exported to a document, or exported/imported to other Attune servers.