What is Attune?

Attune is a procedure automation server that allows fully configurable and reusable procedures to be created from the ground up. These procedures automate the repetitive tasks that admins perform every day.

Out of the box

Synerty supplies Attune with procedures to perform many PowerOn Fusion integration tasks out of the box, such as:

icon_server   Build APP, FEP and WEB Servers
icon_database   Build APP, FEP and WEB Servers
icon_upload   Upgrade Datasets


Synerty provides Attune training, setup and support services to get things up and running fast.
Synerty supports PowerOn Fusion environments. Our services cover the whole life cycle from implementation projects, to every day server support, to full environment rebuilds and upgrades.


Customise Anything

Attune is fully user configurable via it’s easy to use web based interface.


Package It All

Package all the customised changes into the one automated Attune procedure.

Automate and Streamline

Attune automates and significantly streamlines the integration process required to upgrade PowerOn Fusion environments.

Attune For PowerOn Fusion Upgrades