New PowerOn Fusion Projects

Synerty has the skills and experience to complete any part, or all of a PowerOn Fusion implementation project. We have contributed to PowerOn Fusion projects at Aurora Energy, WEL Networks, Orion, Wellington Electricity, Citi Power / Powercor, SP-Ausnet, United Energy and Energex since incorporating in 2009.
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Upgrade PowerOn Fusion with Attune

Attune is a procedure automation server that allows fully configurable and reusable procedures to be created from the ground up. These procedures automate the repetitive tasks that admins perform every day.
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PowerOn Fusion
Support Services

Synerty provides support services for PowerOn Fusion
to supplement the Utilities expertise and manpower.

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Attune for PowerOn Fusion Support

Attune reduces support time, cost and complexity in managing PowerOn Fusion environments for several utilities.
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PowerOn Fusion Community
Ultimate Collaboration

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