Powercor Selective Load Management

CitiPower Powercor have implemented a new load management system that provides “Selective Load Management” SLM.
Rather than turning off complete suburbs, including traffic lights and train crossing lights, SLM sets load limits for smart meters, if a smart meter is using more than this limit, then it turns the power off. This provides benefits to the community by minimising the interruptions.
CitiPower Powercor developed the SLM backend internally and engaged Synerty integrate the backend with ADMS for the operators.
Synerty used the “Permits” object in ADMS as a way for the controllers to start a SLM event, set the load to drop, and complete the SLM event. “Permits” are typically used for┬ásafety documents and operational documents.
Synerty then developed perl code to interface with ADMS and the SLM backend.


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