Peek Field Mobile for Orion NZ

Synerty has won the contract to provide Orion with the next generation of mobile solutions for switching and outage management.
Orions requirements were as follows:

  • Drop in replacement for the existing mobile solution.
  • Ability to expand the system with internal developers.
  • Run on iOS.
  • Provide the ability to assess damaged items, with photos and inventory.
  • Provide a responsive view of the GIS diagram.
  • Provide a responsive, live view of the ADMS Network Diagram.

Synerty’s Peek product was a perfect fit. We developed the Peek Platform as an open source, enterprise pluggable platform, allowing utilities to download it, install it and build plugins for it (See our documentation
Synerty delivered the Peek solution to Orion with the following plugins :

  1. Peek DMS Diagram
  2. Peek GIS Diagram
  3. Peek Field Switching
  4. Peek Field Incidents
  5. Peek Field Assessments
  6. and Peek Instant Messaging



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