SynHMI has runtime and development components. The runtime component is easily coded into many platforms such as iPads, Tablets, rack mounted touch screens or even web browsers. The first runtime has been coded to run on iPads.SynHMI is designed for field staff that only require visibility of the current telemetry with no historical alarms or trends.

The SCADA display development component is very unique in that it executes completely within a web browser and incrementally stores changes to the SynHMI configuration server. This design which uses HTML5 is a client/server architecture and reduces the troubles of managing hundreds of SCADA HMI configuration files. The configuration server adds features such as version control, audit trails and signoffs.

SynHMI runtime components can easily update their SCADA display configurations from the development server via HTTPS.

SynHMI will enable some exciting functionality and be a pleasure to use for SCADA configuration designers everywhere.For more information on SynHMI please contact Synerty.