ADMS Configuration
Version Control

Significant Benefits Include


Generate change file download

Rollback changes

Copy changes between environments

Re-applying changes after dataset refresh


Repo captures, version controls and merges changes to ADMS configurations.

Configuration changes include symbols, custom reports, most system tables configurator changes and a limited range of equipment/property updates.

Repo does not version control the network diagram, SCADA configuration, or linux
configuration files.

Replication Friendly

Repo is ADMS replication friendly.
Utilising ADMS interfaces for SQL, and PFL for equipment changes.
Files are copied to each replicated
server in parallel, with a prepare and synchronous commit logic.


Repo is a fully configured virtual appliance, ready for quick and easy deployment onto VMWare or compatible infrastructure.
The yearly support subscription includes access to product security and functionality updates, and access to the Synerty product support team.
Synerty offers consultancy and training services which can be used to setup and configure Repo and help new clients get the most out of Repo.
The (“Synerty Product Licence Agreement”) applies to the use of Synerty Repo. See the (“Synerty Support Policy”) for further support details.