• Identify field crews currently on-site
  • View a historical log of site access
  • Identify site incidents and hazards
  • Site access risk assessment
  • Notifications of incidents and hazards while on-site
  • View DMS Events and Alarms


Identify field crews who are authorised to work within the substation boundary. Peek retrieves field crews authorisations via Oracle read-only queries.


Identify active incidents at a site and notifications for incidents while on site. Peek will receive notifications via SOAP.

Events and Alarms

Retrieve historic DMS Events and Alarms. Peek retrieves events and alarm via Oracle read only queries.


Peeks Pluggable APIs – Peek has been designed to be extended by developing plugins to add functionality. Peek has step by step documentation online.

Customisable SQL – The utility can customise the SQL Peek uses to acquire data from the ADMS, allowing them to include or exclude data as required.

UI Overrides – Peeks UIs can be customised by the utility by placing modified versions of the HTML files into an overlay directory. Peek will then rebuild its web app when it is restarted next.

Synerty has a commitment to provide cost effective enhancements to Peek features, for more in-depth enhancements to Peek, please contact Synerty. Alternatively, Utilities will have access to modify any of the Peek source code for unsupported changes.