A Peek public facing web app


Support old and new browsers from Internet Explorer 11 to iOS Safari and Mobile Chrome.

Support desktop and touch based browsing.

Provide a simple, intuitive user interface.

There will be no ability to search for, view or retrieve personal information, including names, account numbers, phone numbers or retailers.

Allow users to register with only their email address.

Allow customers to search by suburb, address or NMI (Meter Identifier).

Reduced Call Volume

The public facing Peek Power Portal allows users to log their own faults, and where applicable, see an existing fault that is affecting their premise.

Public Self Help

Peek Power Portal allows the public to look ahead for planned work on their premise and subscribe themselves for notifications that may affect the power to their premise.

Improved Data Collection

Providing the public with Peek Power Portal will capture better information as the public can include multiple photos in their fault logging. Peek Power Portal will encourage the public to submit ample photos of the damaged infrastructure.

Improved Public Feedback

With the proliferation of consumer mobility, more users will log fault calls when their premise has no power, this will provide more data to the ADMS to identify the common points of failure.


Peeks Pluggable APIs – Peek has been designed to be extended by developing plugins to add functionality. Peek has step by step documentation online.

Customisable SQL – The utility can customise the SQL Peek uses to acquire data from the ADMS, allowing them to include or exclude data as required.

UI Overrides – Peeks UIs can be customised by the utility by placing modified versions of the HTML files into an overlay directory. Peek will then rebuild its web app when it is restarted next.

Synerty has a commitment to provide cost effective enhancements to Peek features, for more in-depth enhancements to Peek, please contact Synerty. Alternatively, Utilities will have access to modify any of the Peek source code for unsupported changes.