LV Management extends the current functionality within the Synerty Peek product.

Peek is a complete mobility solution for the ADMS and includes a live, connectivity aware diagram of the ADMS with edit support. Both of these capabilities will be highly leveraged in this solution.

Peek DMS Diagram provides support for visualisation of the current network state, ability to create LV data corrections for the GIS, and ability to plan LV jobs.

Peek Field Mobility completes the digital workflow of the LV jobs, allowing field crews to view & accept jobs, confirm operations and view safety documents. Peek ensures all updates are synchronised between the control room and the field crew.

LV Job Planning

Implementing digital LV Job planning with automated job planning will streamline the current process, reducing the cost of working on the LV network and improving the number of jobs the current workforce can complete.

Situational Awareness

A live view of the LV network provides situational awareness through out the utility.


Controlling the LV network with connectivity aware, safe LV Jobs provides deeper insight into which customers are on and which are off during an outage.

GIS Data Accuracy

The GIS data accuracy will be improved, correcting discrepancies and ensuring it matches the live state of the network. Improved LV model accuracy provides better planning and forecasting, improving the stability of the LV network and the LV renewable energy sources it connects.

Control Room Call Volume

This digital solution to LV management includes LV switching mobility. Mobility provides field crews with digital dispatches of LV jobs.