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Why Synerty ?

We’re an integrated solution provider for Operational Technology. What does this mean?

Put simply, we have a significantly streamlined delivery because we have teams that leverage each others expertise.


We’ve often seen non-integrated approaches within the market.

A non-integrated approach for example, would be engaging the services of software developer that is fantastic at software development, but unfamiliar with the distribution utilities problem being presented to them, how their black box effects the business, or how to configure and use the operational technology applications to test their software.

Another example is outsourced oracle patching, Oracle DBA specialists can patch an Oracle database, but this outsourcing requires internal staff effort to stop Operational Technology applications, performing testing and start the applications again.

Because Synerty is an integrated solution provider we have the full stack of capabilities to really assist our clients in delivering digital transformation.

Here Are Some Examples

Business Processes

Our team of application specialists work with our team of business analysts to baseline business process that both fit the business and are blissfully aligned to the capabilities of Operational Technology applications.

Software Development:

Our team of business analysts design business requirements and convert these into product specifications. Our team of developers then use these product specifications to develop the software. Our team of application specialists then test the software and develop training for it, and finally our team of system integrators create deployment automation for the software.