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July 18, 2017

Sneak Peek – The HTML5 Mobile Network Diagram

With the imminent release of our latest product, It’s time to let some things slip. This is a sneak peek at the diagram plugin for, “Peek”, our Enterprise Pluggable Platform. We’ve been developing a fast, desktop and mobile HTML5 diagram viewer over the last 18 months and here it is. It...
June 4, 2017

Attune for Quality Assured Production Fixes

Whilst Attune is great for automating large tasks like server builds, it’s especially great for quality assurance on small tasks as well. Here is a real scenario. We were tasked by a client to test some PowerOn Fusion database fixes on a pre-production environment. To do this, we created an Attune Procedure. There...
May 29, 2017

Fully Automated PowerOn Fusion / Advantage Upgrade

Synerty Attune has just cutover it’s 6th PowerOn Fusion production environment. In this project, Attune built the PowerOn Fusion app/dms servers from scratch, installing oracle, installing the GE software, loading the dataset and configuring it all. Building 4 servers in parallel in 2 hours. I did say fully automated. On...
January 15, 2014

Apps server, Starting enmac synchronise checks

I was not aware of this, so I thought i’d post about it. When you start PowerOn Fusion on the apps server, you start it in “-recover” mode then in full mode. However, you must wait and check the log for a couple of sync messages before starting in full...
May 7, 2013

PowerOn Fusion Integration Documents

Last week at Synerty it was all about PowerOn Fusion projects, tying up loose ends and integration documentation deliverables. Procedure Documentation, like writing software, is an artwork of structure, layout and variables. When we started building our repository of procedures we wanted to create the documentation using a few best...
May 6, 2013

WEL Networks 5.1.4 Cutover Planning

I recently had the chance to spend a week over in Hamilton working with the great guys at WEL Networks. I was there to help prepare for the upcoming cutover of their PowerON Fusion system to the 5.1.4 version. I developed and tested the procedure for imaging the 5.1.4 virtual...
January 10, 2013

Our first machine with 64gb of ram

Synerty has purchased our first machine with 64gb of ram. Every developer at Synerty develops in virtual machines with ram being the limiting factor of what we can do. Every developer maintains and runs their own virtual machines, we don’t use central shared VM servers. SPECS Hex core i7. 64gb...