Whilst Attune is great for automating large tasks like server builds, it’s especially great for quality assurance on small tasks as well.
Here is a real scenario.
We were tasked by a client to test some PowerOn Fusion database fixes on a pre-production environment. To do this, we created an Attune Procedure.
There are only three steps in the procedure, but we were able to rerun and debug them until it ran end to end with out error.

Now, with the power of the Attune Variables and Plans, This tested and QA’d procedure can be run in production with out the any modification, or the chance of breaking it.
In fact, we’ll deliver the PowerOn Fusion procedure to the client, who will drop it into their Production Attune server and run it them selves.
This is how our client can have their cake and eat it too, leveraging our niche expertise, but gaining the ability to do it them selves and retain all the knowledge in the Attune Procedure.