Fully Automated PowerOn Fusion / Advantage Upgrade

by Chesney, Jarrod
May 29, 2017

Synerty Attune has just cutover it’s 6th PowerOn Fusion production environment. In this project, Attune built the PowerOn Fusion app/dms servers from scratch, installing oracle, installing the GE software, loading the dataset and configuring it all. Building 4 servers in parallel in 2 hours.

I did say fully automated. On the cutover day, Attune took the backup of the current production servers, loaded it into every server in the new production environment in parallel, upgraded it and started all the servers, in the right sequence.  Not one putty session was open or required during this process.

I wish i had more to tell, we spent 40 minutes sitting back and watching some thoroughly tested progress bars, then the new system was ready to replace the old.

The scope of the project included:

  • Upgrade to GE software 5.2.2 SP9
  • Upgrade Linux servers from RHEL5 to RHEL6
  • Implement active directory and single sign on, for clients and servers
  • Upgrade to Oracle 12c
  • Convert report server to combined app+db+report servers for better redundancy.

What Synerty offers.

If your team is looking for an out of the box Tools + Knowledge or Turn Key solution for the entire PowerOn Fusion / PowerOn Advantage environment life cycle, then this is the solution. You can also just use Attune to automate your teams existing commands and scripts.

Synerty provides the Attune product and a “Pack of Procedures” for everything PowerOn. Your team can see and run every command in the Pack of Procedures, and we’ll support any issues they have.

Some examples are: Build app/dms servers from scratch, cutover day load and upgrades, scheduled backups, basic monitoring and dev/test environment dataset refreshes.

How does it work?

Take the commands and scripts your system integrators or the vendor types into Putty every time, and paste them once into an Attune Step. Build up steps to form complex, automated procedures that can deploy files and run commands on remote servers.

Replace any server names and passwords in the steps with Attune Variables and you now have an nice reusable Attune Procedure. Plans are created to map Attune Variables back to server names and passwords for running against multiple servers.

The Attune Procedure can be exported from Attune, imported into another Attune server, exported as HTML documentation, and, of course, automatically executed by Attune, step by step against a remote server.

Does the vendor allow the use of Attune?

There is no difference between entering commands into Attune and clicking run, VS, entering the commands into, Putty, MobaXTerm, mRemote, etc. Attune, Like all of these, connect to remote servers via SSH and execute commands.


Synerty is a third party provider of environment integration solutions, we’re not affiliated with GE or Oracle, Nor do we replace their support, or provide their software.