One Click PowerOn Fusion Refresh

by Fernandez, Joseph
January 11, 2015

WEL Networks use Synerty’s latest software to refresh their dev and laptop environments from the latest production backups with a single click. A fully automated process that does this isn’t new, but SynBUILDs approach is unique, and with a full GUI.

To start the process, the user opens the SynBUILD web page, selects the execution and clicks run. SynBUILD then executes all of the pre-configured steps that make it happen.

The restore takes 22 minutes and is fully automated, from grabbing the latest backup, to starting the single server environment. The entire process is configurable via the web interface.

Here is a screenshot of the execution. The steps of the process are on the left, the log for the selected step is on the right.


What is SynBUILD?

Synerty has been developing a tool that can integrate an entire PowerOn Fusion environment from the OS up. We call it SynBUILD and it’s currently in Alpha release.

SynBUILD is now used by PowerOn Fusion support teams at two utilties in New Zealand to restore and upgrade datasets onto their dev, test and next prod environments.

SynBUILD is fully user configurable via a web based graphical interface. Any team member can view the configuration and see exactly what is done. In this way, SynBUILD becomes a source of knowledge.

Synerty will blog about SynBUILD in more detail later on.